Lib Dem membership soars since close of polls

As the polls closed and the ghastly General election results rolled in people began to realise that liberalism is still a cause worth fighting for.

The national total of new members is rising all the time. It’s around 11,000 as I write and many of these are under 30. The running total is here.

We are welcoming hundreds of new members across Suffolk and here’s a response from one of them:

I think I grew up thinking that Liberalism seemed a sensible way of going about things, even though my father is a lifelong Tory.  I was drawn, to some extent, towards socialism in my teens, appalled by the mean divisiveness of Thatcherism but always admired the Liberals, SDP and  Lib Dems, having the greatest respect for Shirley Williams, Paddy Ashdown, Charles Kennedy and others, with their ever sensible contributions to debate.

I’m afraid I took some notice of the “wasted vote” disincentive for voting Lib Dem, even when I would like to have done so, until the national disgrace of the 2003 Iraqi invasion, at which point I vowed never to vote for anyone who had supported that outrage.

I have to admit to having been disgusted to think, as the coalition was formed, that I had inadvertently helped to prop up David Cameron’s Conservatives in office.  However, I have gradually come to appreciate what a great job Nick Clegg and his party have done in staying the hand of the Conservatives and I would have been very pleased if my vote had contributed to a similar situation last Thursday…

What a desperate shock, and I share the immense sadness and disappointment of all Liberal Democrats  at the devastating losses, followed by Nick Clegg’s resignation as leader.

I agree with the statement on the party website that it is now more important than ever to have a strong central party to protect and promote liberal ideals and I would like to offer whatever support I am able towards that end.

If you would like to join us now click on this link

And an interesting commentary on the loss of liberalism in government here in the New Statesmen

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