A12 Roadworks update

Here is an update from Anna Graham of the Highways Agency (more details also in the December parish report:

A12 J31 – J33 improvement works

I am writing to inform you that we will be carrying out works to improve the road network on the A12 between junction 31 (Four Sisters Interchange) and junction 33 (Copdock Interchange). The works are part of essential maintenance to ensure that the A12 remains in a safe and serviceable condition.

There are a number of phases to the works:

•    Phase 1 – Work to build cross over locations to enable the use of contraflow is expected to begin, subject to weather conditions, overnight on 8 December for two weeks, finishing on 19 December. The work will be carried out by closing one lane in each direction with a reduced speed limit from 10pm to 6 am. The works may create delays in getting to and from your business for your staff and customers, for which we apologise.

•    Phase 2 – The main work to resurface the carriageway is anticipated to start in the New Year for approximately 8 weeks, subject to weather conditions. This work is to be carried out using overnight contraflow between the hours of 10pm and 6 am. A reduced speed limit will be in operation 24 hours a day for the safety of both road users and the workforce. During the day the A12 will operate at its current capacity.

•    Phase 3 – The installation of cross over gates and finishing works are due to take place following the completion of the contraflow phase. It may be necessary to close the carriageway overnight between 10pm and 6 am for up to two weeks in order to undertake the work. A clearly signed diversion route will be in place, including a dedicated HGV diversion route. More details will follow.

Drivers will be diverted to exit at junction 31 (Four Sisters Interchange) and then onto the B1070, A137 and A14 to re-join A12 at junction 33 (Copdock) and vice versa. Lorries will be advised to follow A133, A137 and A14.

I will write to you again in the New Year with a further update regarding the next stage of the works.

We will do our utmost to complete the works as quickly as possible, avoiding disturbance and keeping noise to a minimum. Once complete, the work will reduce the need for future maintenance at this location. If you have any enquiries please contact the Highways Agency Information Line (HAIL) on 0300 123 5000, or by email to: ha_info@highways.gsi.gov.uk.

Yours faithfully,

Anna Graham
Highways Agency

11 thoughts on “A12 Roadworks update

  1. Richard Terry says:

    “A reduced speed limit will be in operation 24 hours a day for the safety of both road users and the workforce.”

    This is an awful idea and not working at all. I stick to the 40mph speedlimit everyday but am constantly tailgated and flashed by others.

    My experience is that 99% of drivers are ignoring this limit as there is no sign of any roadworks.

    • kathypollard says:

      Hi Richard
      I agree with your comments. We had thought that the Highways Agency would install average speed cameras early on in the work. I see that some are now in place and I’ve noticed that traffic has begun to slow down. A strongly worded email was sent to the Highways Agency last Monday (5th Jan) by the County Council, pointing out that most people were ignoring the speed limit and average speed cameras were urgently needed.

  2. Paul Rowden says:

    I noticed this morning (13th Jan, 06:20) that 99% of traffic was sticking to the 40mph limit. Those that weren’t may not be able to see the cameras as they are not particularly visible in the dark. No excuse I know, but I am surprised that signs have not been put up to notify drivers of the cameras. Do we therefore know if signs are to be put in place and if so, does this mean that as yet the cameras are not operational? It would be interesting to know what the Highway Agency’s plans are as the above Update from them only mentions the 24-hour reduced speed limit, and nothing about cameras of any description.

    • kathypollard says:

      Hi Paul
      Before Christmas there were some standard speed camera signs along the route, but I haven’t noticed them recently and I will ask the Highways Agency whether they are planning to put up signs. The cameras are due to be switched on on Jan 19th. In the meantime the police are enforcing the limit. As Sue Carpendale and I drove to Stratford St. Mary parish council meeting last night at around 8pm, we were overtaken by a lorry, which must have been travelling at around 60mph. Speed camera signs would certainly help to stop this.

  3. aston says:

    40mph limit during the day is rediculous! “Speed limit for road users safety”? I don’t understand why it is perfectly normal and legal to travel at 60mph on a single lane single carriageway road, yet when the crash barriers are removed from a two lane dual carriageway it is only safe to do 40mph!?

    • kathypollard says:

      Hi Aston
      I’m not sure why this is the case. I will ask the Highways Agency for the answer. Once the resurfacing begins traffic will be running on a “milled” surface until the resurfacing work is complete, so it may be safer to travel at lower speeds. A number of people have asked why the 40mph limit during the day.

  4. Ian says:

    Can you give us an update please Kathy? Are we through the estimated 8 weeks of Phase 2 yet?

    “We will do our utmost to complete the works as quickly as possible, avoiding disturbance and keeping noise to a minimum” – I have to say I don’t see much evidence of ‘utmost’ …


    • kathypollard says:

      Ian I’ll get back to you, hopefully tomorrow on this. My council email is down at present and I know I have a more recent email from Anna Graham of the Highways Agency. I will be able to access it once the system is back up tomorrow morning. It looks to me like they still have a huge amount to do – as there’s still the section between Capel and East Bergholt to resurface.

      • kathypollard says:

        I’ve just posted an update on my blog. I am still waiting for a more detailed response from Anna Graham. End of May seems to be the latest target for completion.

  5. David says:

    I travel the A12 regularly at all times of the day and night and have rarely seen work in progress, and then only over a short distance. Why the 24 hour 40mph coverage over the whole 6 miles. I cannot believe the cameras are working either, with the number of vehicles that still pass me at speed (even weaving through traffic) or bare down on my rear bumper. Other than a few short sections of new tarmac all I have seen are what appear to be permanent average speed cameras being installed. It appears that persecution of the motorist is the only intention for these works. There can be no excuse about the weather, which has not been particularly bad this past five months.

    • kathypollard says:

      Thanks for your response and I understand your frustration. My fellow councillor Sue Carpendale continue to field complaints about the speed limit being in action for 24 hours. However Highways are adamant that the road is unsafe – partly due to the lack of barriers, and partly because at any one time there may be damaged or half treated stretches of the road surface in between those bits that seem finished.
      We have asked how many people have been caught speeding – having had the same experience as you. No answer to our questions as yet. Although the 40mph limit is annoying to many people, interestingly there have been no accidents. Not that we are advocating a permanent 40mph limit! The permanent average speed cameras are being installed between the Essex border and the East Bergholt B1070 junction. The speed limit will remain at 70mph. As you may know there are regularly accidents along that particular stretch of the A12, which has substandard slip roads.
      You may wish to consider complaining direct to Highways England who are managing the A12 roadworks.

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