Liberal Democrat achievements in Government

The British economy is improving and it’s also worth remembering all the achievements the Lib Dems have succeeded in making, in spite of being in coalition with the Tories. Click here for a full list but here are a few highlights:

  • Raising the tax threshold means that 25.4 million people will receive a tax cut of £800
  • 1.5m apprenticeships have been created since 2010 – that’s 78% more than in the same period under Labour
  • The pupil premium is giving an extra £1300 a year for each eligible primary school pupil and £935 for each eligible secondary school pupil
  • The state pension has once again been linked to earnings. Pensioners will receive on average £15,000 more over the course of their retirement
  • Richest pay a fairer share – someone earning £1m a year will pay £381,000 more during the 5 years of this Parliament than during the last 5 years of the Labour government.

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