US warns that UK will be irrelevant outside the EU

A recent story in the Daily Telegraph highlights the warning given by US assistant secretary Robert Gordon during his visit to the UK. The article comments on British withdrawal from the EU:

Mr Gordon spelt out the uncomfortable truth that such an option does not exist, that British exit from the European Union would be unacceptable to the US – and that, so far as President Obama is concerned, Britain only matters as part of the EU.

As Peter Oborne so rightly says in the Telegraph:

“Britain is a middle-ranking economy and declining military force which risks irrelevance outside the EU. We are low down the batting order, ranking behind not just China, Brazil, India and Russia but also – most painfully of all – well below Germany in international significance.”

Millions of jobs in the UK depend upon our membership of the EU. Companies like Nissan and Sony are only here because they can more easily access markets in the rest of Europe. If companies believe that Britain is about to exit they will not want to invest in plants in the UK. This would be absolutely disastrous for our economy. David Cameron needs to show some leadership here instead of pandering to the right wing of his party – and UKIP supporters.

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