How long can Andrea Hill tough it out?

Suffolk County Council’s Chief Executive, Andrea Hill, is becoming more and more unpopular on the streets of Suffolk. People were already very annoyed about her salary, but the disclosure of the £14,000 plus coaching bill and now the repeat of the earlier Guardian story by the Daily Mail about her acceptance of hospitality from BT, has left the public absolutely furious. The story has previously appeared in the Rotten Boroughs column of Private Eye.

People are venting their anger on Facebook, in comments on the websites of the local papers, on blogs, etc. So the question has to be asked about the sustainability of her position. She has clearly lost the support of the public and the news that the council spent £520k on gagging orders for departing staff last year must mean that all is far from well at the council’s HQ. By the way, in the previous year the cost of gagging orders was £208,000 and we thought that was bad enough.

If I were her I’d get out before I was pushed. Ipswich Spy and James Hargrave are both calling for her to resign. However the last thing we want is some gigantic severance package. The people of Suffolk are suffering enough from the New Sadistic Direction.

2 thoughts on “How long can Andrea Hill tough it out?

  1. susan wilshaw says:

    When small businesses are struggling to keep afloat with only little help if any from the various councils I feel the money being thrown at this lady is quite sinful. What has Andrea Hill done that has been so different from other executives to warrant this sort of payment? These funds could be used to help so many other causes and requirements (which have had their funding cut, or about to have it cut).

  2. Peter Stapleton says:

    Good comments. However, someone must be voting Andrea Hill this salsary- who are they, and in turn, how much are they ripping off from the public purse? Time to expose all of them perhaps?

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