Suffolk One public meeting well attended

The public meeting at Pinewood Community Hall went well last night. Around 100 people attended. From those in the streets nearest to the new sixth form college there is understandable concern about student parking. However those just outside the restricted zone are equally worried as they feel the parking will be displaced into their streets.

What everyone really wants is parking on site. The parish council and I encouraged people to write in to the County Council with their views. Most people seemed to find the information given during the meeting very helpful. There was no County Council officer present, but parish councillors had done their homework and PC Gary Austen was also on hand to give advice.

I have already received copies of emails sent into the County Council, which means that people are taking it very seriously. We are planning a protest on Sunday outside the college at noon. The latter stage of the consultation process conducted by the County Council has been appalling.

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