Gritting of pavements

Last week I found out that parish and town councils in Suffolk can co-ordinate the gritting of pavements. The public have been very reluctant to clear pavements near their properties for fear of being sued and some pavements have been really treacherous.

By registering as a volunteer with the parish council, and abiding by a set of instructions, local people can help make pavements safe by spreading grit. They are then covered by Suffolk County Council’s insurance and will avoid being sued! I was keen to pass on this information once I found out about it and was interviewed on Radio Suffolk last Tuesday teatime. Subsequently a message was put out to the Suffolk Association of Local Councils to ask for their help in disseminating the message to parish and town councils. So people need no longer feel powerless to do something about this. Unfortunately Ipswich and Lowestoft are currently exempt as they are not parished.

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