Update on pylon consultation

I have been asked to chair a meeting at Hintlesham Community Hall on February 15th. This will provide an opportunity for local people to question National Grid. It is clear that none of the communities affected by the proposed new 400kv pylon routes in South Suffolk are in favour of pylons passing through their area. Corridors 3 and 4 would have an unacceptable impact on unspoilt landscapeCorridors 1 and 2 also cross very sensitive landscape areas and have the greatest population close to their routes.  They too would cause a dramatic loss of visual amenity. People are also worried about the financial devaluation and impact on the saleability of their homes. 

What is needed is some radical thinking and a policy change at national government levelGiven that many future generators of electricity will be either offshore, in the case of wind farms, or on the coast, in the case of nuclear generation, undersea cables would be a good solution. It beggars belief that National Grid are sticking to unsightly pylons. What price do we put on the protection of our beautiful Suffolk landscape from further blight? 

If an overland route is essential then underground cables would be far less obtrusive.  I find it hard to believe the figures being quoted by National Grid for this solution. Why does it cost between 12 and 17 times more than pylons, when other countries can build at 2 to 5 times the cost?

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