Copdock Mill Roundabout proposed changes are barmy

I find it hard to believe that the Highways Agency are planning to put traffic lights on two of the slip roads at Copdock Mill Roundabout. If they want to increase the flow of traffic there they should be lengthening these slip roads instead of further slowing the passage of vehicles by installing lights.I objected strongly to their earlier redesign which would have forced Ipswich bound traffic into the outside line of the A12 on the southern approach to the roundabout. This would have led to even longer tailbacks. They have based their redesign on 2003 traffic data as they have nothing later than this.

Their current barmy idea is to put traffic lights on the Westbound slip road from the A12 to the A14 (Westbound) and from the A1214 to the A14 (Eastbound). So the battle to get some sensible improvements to this roundabout will continue.In the meantime many people avoid using the roundabout altogether and travel through the local villages, much to the inconvenience of the people who live there.

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