Waste incineration views sought

The public have until October 9th to comment on the latest controversial proposals for waste disposal in  Suffolk.  The plans include one or two waste incinerators at Great Blakenham, with further sites identified at Sproughton, Eye and Stanton.  Whilst the cost of sending waste to landfill is increasing, the volume of waste is reducing, due in no small measure to the excellent levels of recycling in the County.  This year the County Council has saved £1.4m due to reduced quantities of waste going to landfill. Instead of investing this in schemes like kitchen waste collection, it is squirreling the money away to invest in incineration.  Research has shown that incineration:

  1. Burns scarce resources
  2. Generates huge amounts of carbon dioxide
  3. Produces dangerous emissions which accumulate in the body
  4. Encourages us to continue with a “throwaway” mentality instead of encouraging recycling.

More environmentally friendly options are available – for example using anaerobic digestion to break down waste and produce soil improver.  As already stated incineration is a health hazard as well as being unpopular and environmentally unfriendly. If you are opposed to the building of an incinerator, please back our petition to make the County Council reconsider this decision.  Our petition can be found at http://suffolkcclibdems.org.uk 

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