Improving A12 Safety from East Bergholt to the Essex border

In May this year the Highways Agency announced that they would carry out a safety study of the A12 South of Ipswich, following a spate of accidents between the East Bergholt Four Sisters junction and the Essex border.  This study was announced following a request from local Liberal Democrat councillor Sue Carpendale and myself.

 In response to the announcement that the Highways Agency were to begin a safety review along the A12 we launched our own survey of households in Stratford St. Mary, Holton St. Mary and Higham. More than 150 responses were received. Three questions were asked: 

  1. Would you support a 50mph limit on the A12 from Stratford St. Mary to East Bergholt
  2. Would you support a right turn ban at the B1068 Higham turning?
  3. Would you support a ban on Heavy Goods Vehicles overtaking on this section of road?

The main findings from the responses were: 

·      A clear majority were in favour of a 50mph limit.

·      The right turn ban at the B1068 Higham turning was supported but there were concerns about traffic routing through Stratford St. Mary on unsuitable roads

·      A majority would also support a ban on lorries overtaking on this stretch of A12

·      There was a great deal of anger that the County Council had routed A12 traffic through Stratford St. Mary early this year

·      There were worries about the high number of accidents on the A12.  

We were extremely pleased with the number of people who responded to our survey, this shows how concerned people are about the safety of the roads around these villages.  We passed these results onto the Highways agency and they have now contacted us to say that these views will be taken into account as part of their safety study. The safety of both local residents and drivers is paramount, and any moves to improve the state of this accident blackspot will be welcomed. We will do all we can to keep up the pressure on the Highways Agency so that the high number of injury accidents on this road are reduced.

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