Health update on heart attack care and Foundation Trust bid for Ipswich Hospital

I have attended quite a number of meetings over the last month relating to heart care and Ipswich Hospital. NHS Suffolk have promised that a leaflet will be sent to every household to explain the changes which will be taking place to care of “STEMI” heart attack patients ie those with a clot in the blood vessels around the heart. Over the summer they will be very carefully monitoring transit times by emergency ambulance from Suffolk to Papworth hospital in Cambridgeshire.

I attended the NHS Suffolk Board meeting in July and suggested that they look at the current emergency ambulance journey times from the Suffolk Coastal area to Ipswich hospital for the last 12 months. This should give an idea of delays either in the summer months, when there is tourist traffic, or over the recent harsh winter with icy roads. I also attended the consultation on Foundation Trust Status for Ipswich Hospital on August 11th. I have sent a letter to local papers to encourage people to support the hospital in its bid for Foundation Status. One of the risks of not getting this status is that it could be taken over by another hospital. One of the benefits is that it should have greater financial freedom and, hopefully, the ability to compete on a more even playing field for specialist services. More details are available at:

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