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Ipswich wind turbines exhibition

by kathypollard on January 28, 2013

The plans for the proposed two wind turbines in the Belstead/Wherstead area were on view today at Belstead Brook Manor Hotel in Ipswich. They will be at Belstead Village Hall tomorrow (Tuesday 29th Jan) from 1pm to 7pm.

I previously posted on this issue back in October. My views have not changed. The proposed turbines are far too close to residential areas. Not only will they be visible from Belstead and Wherstead villages, but they will also be seen from large parts of Ipswich and Pinewood – and even from villages like Copdock and Washbrook.

The turbine towers, at 80 metres high will themselves be higher than the Orwell Bridge. Add to that the rotor blade span of 50 metres to give a total height of 130 metres. The proposals, along with the map can be found on the Partnership for Renewables website

Latest estimates suggest the planning application will be submitted in late Spring/early Summer. Babergh District Council will decide on the application. Whilst national guidance is out of date and fairly weak, councils like Milton Keynes have produced their own planning guidance, which states that turbines over 100 metres in height must be at least 1km from the nearest properties. This is being challenged in court and we await the outcome with more than a little interest! An article here gives more detail.

The Stop Ipswich Turbines website is an excellent source of up to date information.

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